5 Steps To Heart Health After A Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Heart disease affects millions of people worldwide and has claimed more lives than ever in this modern, fast-paced world. For people who have suffered heart attacks before, each day is a blessing. When you survive sudden cardiac arrest, it will seem as if you have been given a new life so that you can start over. But how are you going to start over? Here are some tips:

1.) Don’t Waste Your Time

There are many ways to recover from heart disease. It may vary on the seriousness of your medical condition. You could spend days or weeks in the hospital yet have no changes in your lifestyle. Medical treatments and lifestyle changes go hand in hand in heart disease. Every now and then, your doctor will be changing or adding medicines, to ensure that you can recover fast. Your doctor will also need to observe whether your body is responding to medications or not. This is why you should comply with your doctor appointments on a regular basis. Don’t waste your time being idle; take action because your recovery from heart disease lies in your own hands.

2.) Get Rid of Stress

After recovering from sudden cardiac arrest, you must avoid stress and factors that can worsen your condition. If you have feelings of nervousness, anxiety, anger, depression and fear, you should seek help from mental health professionals and counselors to eliminate emotional stress. Stress has harmful effects on the body, so you should be able to deal well with your emotions and pressures if you want to recover from your condition and live a healthy life.

3.) Keep Your Blood Pressure at Normal Levels

Oftentimes, hypertension may have no symptoms and may be a silent killer, as it can lead to heart attacks and stroke. Monitor your blood pressure at home with an accurate blood pressure apparatus. Take your medicines regularly as prescribed by your doctor. Also, check your pulse rate and inform your doctor if it is more than a hundred beats per minute. Hypertension is easily managed by a healthy diet, exercise and intake of maintenance medicines.

4.) Change Your Way of Life

Avoid eating too much salty and foods that are rich in saturated fat such as butter, margarine and those found in commercial food and fast food. Incorporate some physical activity into your routine such as a morning walk for 30 minutes. These lifestyle changes can also ward off other diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol levels that can also increase your risk for heart attacks.

5.) Focus on the Future

Don’t allow sudden cardiac arrest to ruin your future. Look forward to each and every day with a smile. Be happy and grateful for the daily blessings that you receive. You are a survivor in your own right so you deserve a second chance. Don’t ruin it. Be a model to everybody and maintain a healthy way of life to secure your future!


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-Medical Observer

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