5 Practical Tips To Stay Fit This Christmas


Christmas is a season filled with love, happiness and lots of foods! This is the time when almost everyday, we attend Christmas parties where we feast on mouth-watering foods. While we are taking a break from work and school during this wonderful season, most of us are also taking breaks from exercising and from consuming a healthy diet.

Here are some tips that will keep us fit this wonderful season:

1. Swap some foods

Instead of having roasted pork, why not try baking potatoes? Potatoes don’t have unhealthy fats and they also contain a healthy amount of carbs that your body transforms into energy. You can also swap your candy canes with some fresh fruits. Check out the calories of every food item that you consume, and make sure that you consume only the right amount and type of calories.

2. Stay active

Challenge your body and try different ways to stay physically active. You can still walk every morning, go for mountain climbing, go out with kids at the park, and play sports during Christmas vacation. It is good to start a new year with physically and mentally-healthy activities.

3. Choose your booze

Choose the right kind of booze and consume less calories from your alcoholic drinks. Champagne, beer, soda and sugar-laden cocktails have more calories than other drinks. Do you know that you can consume extra 4000 calories from alcohol? Choose low-calorie beers and red wine instead.

4. Sleep well

Late night parties are not really a bad thing, but we need to have them in moderation. Anyway, it is the season to be merry! Even though it’s the merriest time of the year, strive for 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Holidays are more enjoyable if we are fit and healthy. Sleepless nights can lead to a messed-up metabolism and weight gain.

5. Drink enough water

Water is essential to our body’s metabolism because it washes away bad toxins and keeps you feeling refreshed all day. Fill up your water bottle all day to stay hydrated. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime, or chop up some pieces of your favorite fruits to add to your water bottle. Strive to drink at least two liters of water each day.

Christmas is the season to be jolly! And what could be more jolly than to have a healthy body this season? Keep yourself free from illnesses during Christmas time!


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-Medical Observer

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